Welcome to my Site

I have called this site ‘my arty doings’ because I enjoy so many different types of creative expression. Am I an artist? It is a question many people who paint and draw for pleasure ask themselves, and if, like me, they havn’t exhibited more than once or twice and havn’t yet sold any work, there is a question about how you feel validated in what you do creatively.  For me art is therapeutic, a way of both switching off and switching into something which stretches my appreciation of nature and awareness of my own emotional reponses. Georgia O’Keefe said that art is ‘Filling a space in a beautiful way’. If what I do brings pleasure to others, that is a bonus.
I have put together a selection of paintings, photos from the locations I have used in the paintings, and preparatory sketches and drawings, with reflections on my responses at the time and since finishing the work. As this site develops I hope people will comment and I hope you enjoy what you see.